Environmental Initiatives

pcf7hrIn 2015, the Patcong Creek Foundation launched our Environmental initiatives in an effort to help keep regional waterways and crabbing spots clean.

The foundation partners with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, Linwood Environmental Commission and Somers Point Green Team in the annual Patcong Creek Clean Up effort each May.   The 2017 clean up took place on May 21st and removed over two tons of debris from Patcong Creek.

During the clean up, volunteerss help with the clean up debris from the marshes around the creek and use their boats to transport larger items back to land where they can be properly disposed of.

The foundation also organizes the an annual clean up of the Corbin City Game Preserve each October.    The Preserve is a popular land-crabbing, fishing and bird watching spot.   Unfortunately not all utilizing the facility carry out what they carry in when they visit the preserve. The 2017 Corbin City Game Preserve is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 7 am to 11 am.

Finally, the foundation is actively involved with efforts to remove, recycle and/or dispose of derelict crab pots in and around the Great Egg Harbor Bay Region.    Derelict crab pots are a detriment to wildlife and dangerous to people in and boaters on the water.

In March 2017, the Foundation successfully petitioned the Somers Point’s City Council about the dangers released balloons pose to marine life.    

To learn more about our clean up efforts email info@assaultonpatcongcreek.com or call 609-517-2531.


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