Mike Rodney

Crabber Biography:

Mike was born on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and crabbed his entire life. As a child, the family would walk the flats along Eastern Neck Island, dipping for crabs. This is how he introduced his wife, Sue, to crabbing, laughing uproariously when she shrieked when she stepped on a crab and it would pinch her foot.

Over the years, he owned a number of small boats that he used for crabbing with family and friends. In 2012, he and Sue crabbed the Assault with friend Keary Eisenhart on board the Callinectes.


  • Hometown: Windsor Mill, MD
  • Birthdate: 09/27/1951
  • Nickname: Old Grouchy
  • Boat:Callinectes
  • Years Participating: 2012