Greg Sykora

Crabber Biography:

Somers Point native Greg Sykora made his Assault on Patcong Creek debut as the captain of the QE-2 in 2012. Though he didn’t participate in the 2013 tournament, Greg was still a huge part of the Assault on Patcong Creek experience, serving as the lead singer the SSP’s, the band that served as the entertainment for the event.

Greg and the SSP’s will be back to ensure the post-tournament BBQ will be rockin!


  • Hometown: Somers Point, NJ
  • Birthdate: June 6, 1964
  • Nickname: Hawk
  • Boat:Free Agents
  • Years Participating: 2012, 2013* - 2017* (*as part of the band)
  • Awards: None