Sea Nympho

Boat Biography:

The Sea Nympho is captained by Jeanine Jarkowski and crewed by Maryland”Raven Dave” Hosmer made their way up from Maryland in participate in the 2012 Assault on Patcong Creek but found little luck out on the water. A late start, getting stuck in the mud and failure to find the crabs may marred their debut. After sitting out the tournament in 2013 (but still attending the BBQ portion of the event), the Sea Nympho returned to action in 2014 with Raven Dave at the helm and crew member Anthony Tyson pulling traps.

The Sea Nympho stayed docked for 2015 event, with Dave working the as a deckhand aboard the Crews Station.

Sea Nympho


  • Boat Type: 14' Sea Nymph
  • Homeport: The Bush River, MD
  • Captain: Jeanine Jarkowski
  • Years Participating: 2012-2014
  • Awards: None