Assault on Patcong Creek smallQ: Is there a cost to participate in the Assault on Patcong Creek?
A: No. The Assault on Patcong Creek is a free event. Any participant or sponsor donations go to our organizing entity—Patcong Creek Foundation—and are always appreciated! They help us to do a lot of good.

Q: If I make a donation/contribution to the Assault on Patcong Creek, is it tax deductable.
A: Yes. The Patcong Creek Foundation Inc. which operates the tournament is a 501c3 charitable organization.

Q: So, can I just show up the day of the tournament and crab then come to the party?
A: No. All crabbers must be registered through the website and receive confirmation of their registration acceptance. Unregistered crabbers will not be able to attend the party.

Q: If I’ve participated in past events. Do I still need to register for the tournament to participate?
A: Yes, you must register every year and agree to the terms and conditions. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q: I read the terms and conditions, but I don’t want my picture used on the website or in media releases. Is there a waiver from this requirement?
A: No. We can’t make exceptions.

Q: What is the prize for winning?
A: The winning team receives bragging rights and has their names etched upon the coveted Assault on Patcong Creek trophy as tournament winners. The winning crab is taken and sent to a taxidermist. The winners are then awarded their winning crab mount at the following year’s Assault on Patcong Creek event.

Q: Is there a Calcutta in play at the tournament?
A: None that are sanctioned by the tournament organizers.

Q: Do I have to crab to come to the Assault on Patcong Creek Post-Tournament Party?
A: No, but you must be an invited guest of a registered Assault on Patcong Creek participant, and your name must be on “The List.” Assuming you are on the list you should bring a covered dish, soft drinks, etc. with you to be shared with all party goers. Donations to the event and our educational fund are always accepted and appreciated.


Q: If I crab, do I need to bring all of the crabs I catch to the post-tournament party?
A: Yes. All crabs must be checked in for processing on the same day as crabbing.

Q: I want to contribute items for the post tournament party. What can I provide?
A: We always need soft drinks (Coca Cola Products) plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic forks, bottled water, paper towels and ice. Donations are always appreciated to help us offset costs.

Q: I’d like to volunteer for the event. Who do I contact?
A: Email ron@AssaultonPatcongCreek.com, use the Contact Form on the website or go to the Patcong Creek Foundation’s Volunteer Sign-up. Alternatively you can call 609-517-2531.

Q: I hear there is a secret Facebook page for tournament competitors. How do I get into that page?
A: Send Ron Meischker a friend request on Facebook and we’ll get you into the private page for the event.

Q: Am I allowed to crab both days in the new two-day format?
A: Yes. Crabs can be turned in at the end of each day.

Q: In the past, ramp passes for the event have been free. Why did this change?
A: As the number of boats has increased over the years, the cost of ramp passes is too much for the tournament to sustain. Ramp passes at Kennedy Park are $10 per day.

Q: I don’t have a boat, but would like to join one of the crews who participate in the tournament. Where do I start?
A: The easiest way is to post on the private event Facebook page.

Q: I have a boat, but am looking for crew mates. Where do I start?
A: The easiest way is to post on the private event Facebook page.

Q: If there is bad weather, is there a rain date for the event?
A: The Assault on Patcong Creek is a rain or shine event. With that being said, safety is important to us. In the case of severe weather, check the website or event’s private Facebook page for updates.

Q: What are the rules of the tournament?
A: Please check out the Tournament Rules section of the website here.

Q: I would like to sponsor the tournament. Where do I start?
A: Contact Ron Meischker at 609-517-2531 or email ron@AssaultonPatcongCreek.com.    You can also check out our “Become a Sponsor” Page to learn more and sponsor online.

Q: This is my first year competing in the tournament. I registered and received a notice that I am in this year’s tournament field, but there’s no bio or photos of me or my crew on the website. Why?
A: We only put bio pages for participants after they participate for one year.


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