Bushelled Out

Boat Biography:

Bushelled Out and its captain Ron Meischker have been a fixture on Patcong Creek for years.   With its flat surface, low draft and recently redesigned deck, the 18-foot Bushelled Out has been referred to as the “Ultimate Crabbing Machine.”

Though the Bushelled Out only needs two people to effectively fill the baskets, it has been a tradition at the Assault for 5-6 crabbers to be part of the crew.   Though the crew has changed from year to year, there have been several repeat crew members since 2010.

  • 2010: Ron Meischker, Jerry Mazzarella, Ken Goodman & Craig Fiamingo.
  • 2011: Ron Meischker, Jay Hamme & Scott Hamme
  • 2012: Ron Meischker, Joe Albasini, Tak Chung, Michelle Collie and Jerry Crawford
  • 2013: Ron Mesichker, Joe Abasini, Tak Chung, Jay Hamme, Scott Hamme and Robin Buehler
  • 2014: Ron Meischker, Joe Albasini, Beth Koppel, Consuela Guerrero and Craig & Brian Fos
  • 2015: Ron Meischker, Beth Koppel, Steve Cedrone, Anita Campos Gilmore
  • 2016: Ron Meischker, Beth Koppel, Julie Case, Joe Albasini, Eugene Goshorn, and Jason Breslau.
  • 2017: Ron Meischker, Julie Case, John Pell, Victor Pell, Tak Chung, Jay Hamme, and Scott Hamme.

2013 saw Bushelled Out’s streak of three consecutive years of catching the most crabs snapped.   The vessel is still looking for it’s first Largest Crab Contest win.


Bushelled Out


  • Boat Type: 18' Lowe Pontoon
  • Homeport: Somers Point, NJ
  • Captain: Ron Meischker
  • Years Participating: 2010-2017
  • Awards: Most crabs caught 2010, 2011, 2012