The Enabler

Boat Biography:

Co-Captains Jay Corrigan and Justin Cardinali, formerly of the Little Orca, purchased and competed with the 14′ Enabler along with Little Orca captain Scott Fields in the 2014 tournament due to the Little Orca being beached by mechanical problems.

2015 was a different story, however with the Little Orca back up and running, it marked the first time in the six years of the tournament that 2011 Assault on Patcong Creek tournament winners Corrigan and Fields were apart with Corrigan teaming with Cardinali on The Enabler and Fields returning to the Little Orca.



  • Boat Type: 14' McKee Craft
  • Homeport: Lavalette, NJ
  • Captain: Jay Corrigan
  • Years Participating: 2014. 2015, 2016, 2017