Scott Fields

Crabber Biography:

Scott Fields has been crabbing the waters in and around Southern New Jersey since he was a child, with Patcong Creek always being one of his favorite crabbing destinations.    He knows the waters of the Patcong extremely well, giving him an advantage over other crabbers who compete in the yearly competition.   It was this knowledge that helped Scott get his name engraved on the Largest Crab Contest Trophy in 2011.

Fields is one of only three men to compete in every Assault on Patcong Creek Tournament. With his vessel The Little Orca sidelined with mechanical problems in 2014, he worked aboard The Enabler along with longtime crewmates Jay Corrigan and Justin Cardinali. With the Little Orca repaired in 2015, Fields competed alongside his wife Denise, while his longtime partners Cardinali and Corrigan crabbed aboard their own boat, The Enabler. Fields hoped this change would help him become the first two-time winner of the Assault on Patcong Creek.



  • Hometown: Landisville, NJ
  • Birthdate: December 14, 1976
  • Nickname: BDC, Scooter
  • Boat:Little Orca
  • Years Participating: 2010-2016
  • Awards: 2011 Tournament Champion