Joe Fanelli, Jr.

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Crabber Biography:

Joe has been crabbing since he was 6 years old. His dad and uncle took him crabbing for the first time at a place called Gunning River on Long Beach Island. His dad has a picture of him getting ready to leave the house for that trip and the clock in the picture shows 3 AM. He has gone numerous times to Gunning River, but in the past 6 years he has crabbed with his uncles Nick and Emidio. Now he isĀ  teaching his young son Joey III. Dad has a home in Baybreeze Village where in less than and hour and a half, they caught 3/4 bushel right out in front. Now that’s a place to be!






  • Hometown: Phoenixville, PA
  • Birthdate: 7/10/1969
  • Nickname: Chief
  • Boat:Sea Cure
  • Years Participating: 2016